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It's not about the perfect picture. 

the story is

Show me who you really are and let's capture that wild sparkle of yours. Whether the pictures are for your business or for a picture frame on the wall. It's for you and most of all it's about you. 

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no one is you

Caitlin is a kindhearted, deeply caring, radiant woman. She creates custom made affirmation meditations to help you be more calm, confident and content. Affirmations have helped her level up life emotionally, mentally and physically. She is a certified transformation coach and ready to share her light and love through her new business Self Evolve. 

That's your super power, darling.

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a little bit different

Soak up the natural sunlight. Smile at the wind. Let go of all thoughts. Feel on top of the world. Enjoy the present moment. Know you are taken care of. 

Are you worried that it might feel awkward and weird in front of the camera? No worries. I am here for you! We do what feels good. We follow the fun. And in the end, we became best friends. Time flies and you'll consider a modelling career because that's how easy, beautiful and free you will feel. I promise. 

Een dag niet gelachen is een dag niet geleefd. 

hi! I am Dianta a web designer and photographer on white sneakers from The Netherlands. Let's get to know each other? I'll go first. I live slowly. I dream wildly. I think miracles are normal. I wear yoga pants. I hate crowds. I drink wine. I am bad at math. I keep it simple. I love the ocean. More? 

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a day without laughter is a day not lived

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golden summer evenings

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white linnen dresses

currently inspired by

sand between my toes

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